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City and Colour serenades San Francisco -The Masonic, 9/23

It’s officially fall, and although it’s still sweltering in the Bay Area, City and Colour sure made it feel like autumn in San Francisco. Dallas Green, the creative force behind the alias, brought his renowned folk sound to The Masonic last Saturday, transforming the venue into a cozy night in.

Green took the stage with just a shaker in hand and began “Sensible Heart.” With the band playing hush, a spotlight hit Green as his vocals resonated throughout the venue. Despite his signature serene singing, Green’s voice had a kind of power that held the entire crowd’s undivided attention. He later grabbed his guitar and broke into “Killing Time,” a bluesy track off If I Should Go Before You.

City and Colour covered all parts of his catalog, playing songs from “Runaway” and “Thirst” to “Northern Blues” and “If I Should Go Before You.” Before starting “We Found Each Other in the Dark,” Green introduced the tender track as a song about being nicer to one another. “We’re all human beings, and we’re all fucked up. We’re all just going through [life] together.”

Green then clarified, “I’m not preaching – I’m just Canadian,” which brought the audience to roar with laughter.

The rest of the evening featured cool renditions of older songs, including the heartwarming crowd favorite “The Girl,” which had an upbeat, bluegrass-y twist. Green also snuck in some songs from his other projects – namely, “This Could Be Anywhere in the World” from his screamo, post-hardcore days in Alexisonfire and “No Ordinary Love” by You+Me, which was a duo between Green and Pink.

David Bazan, a Seattle-based indie rocker who many know from Pedro the Lion, kicked off the show with mellow tunes that set the mood perfectly. The bassist-vocalist had a velvety voice that, backed by celestial instrumentals, created a hypnotizing sound. Some of my favorites from his set were “Care,” “Both Hands,” and “Trouble With Boys.”

Photos and words by Rianna Chloe Catajan.