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Last-Minute DIY Gift-Wrapping Guide

You’ve been in the zone. You’re just about ready to wrap up the last few presents. Then you have a heartbreaking realization: all the wrapping paper and gift bags are gone. Do you brave the cold to go to the store, only to be stuck in a last-minute shopping frenzy? And don’t even get me started on the long lines…

Despite all this, no need to fret! Here’s a simple guide on how to wrap presents with items you might either have at home already, or should be really cheap and easy to buy. It’s also a great way to give your presents a cool rustic look. And even if you don’t celebrate the holidays, this could work for any gift-giving occasion!

Things you’ll need:

A brown paper bag. Alternatively, you can use craft paper from the dollar store to achieve the same vintage packaging effect.
Paint samples from any hardware store for embellishing.
Washi tape or clear tape.
Pipe cleaners for embellishing.
Journal paper or cardstock for gift tags.

1… Take your brown paper bag and cut it open.

2. Place your gift on the cut-up paper bag with the printed side facing toward you. The solid brown side will be the exterior of your packaging.

3. Wrap your gift as you would normally. Use twine as a ribbon to tie around the present. Tip: If you accidentally trim too little brown paper bag (of which I am guilty, haha) you can cut another rectangular strip and have it seal the gap. Kinda looks intentional and stylistic, right? … 🙂

4. Now, for the embellishments. Take your red and white pipe cleaners and twist them together to form a candy cane. Cut them up to make smaller, multiple candy canes. Trim your paint samples to make holly, Christmas trees, wreath leaves, or anything you’d like.

5. Tuck your embellishments under the ribbon, or wherever on the package you’d like. Cut your cardstock into any shape for the tag and tie it to the present with another strip of twine. I also added washi tape to make give the packaging a little more character.

Just do this with the rest of your presents, and you’re good to go!

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