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RIP YC: Yellowcard, Like Torches, Dryjacket at The Regency Ballroom

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I remember being in the third grade, watching the VMAs that year, and immediately falling head over heels for Yellowcard as they performed. I took their music with me as I entered middle school, high school, and even college; they definitely played a solid part in fostering my ever-growing love for the pop punk scene.

Last Saturday was my third and final time seeing Yellowcard. When they opened their set with “Believe” and exclaimed the chorus, “everything is going to be alright,” I had a hard time taking in the words of comfort as the feeling of finality sank in.

Yellowcard played a stellar and energized show, as always. Just this time, it was lengthier, more bittersweet, and even featured a special appearance by former band member Sean O’Donnell. They called San Francisco the best show of the tour so far, which is awesome; oftentimes, I get a sense that San Francisco finds a way to turn off its guests, but I’m glad that the Bay Area showed the band the appreciation they deserve.

This isn’t so much a review as it is my best thank you, to Yellowcard, for everything. It was a real pleasure to spend the last San Francisco show with you from the photo pit and, later, from the back of the venue, emotionally belting out the words all across the archives.

Infinite thanks,

Rianna Chloe Catajan

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