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SNEAK PREVIEW: Danny Brown at The Regency Ballroom, October 11

main-photo_timothy-saccentiDanny Brown has seriously been everywhere. He’s gotten critical acclaim from places like Spin, MTV, and Pitchfork; he rapped over a Vampire Weekend song and made it infinitely badass; he’s the voice you hear as soon “Fresh of the Boat” comes on; he’s even had a song released by Scion!

Now, he’s bringing his infectious style to the Bay. On October 11, Danny Brown will be performing at The Regency Ballroom in San Francisco with Maxo Kream and ZelooperZ.

dannybrownposterNew to Danny’s music or just need a crash course? No worries. We got you. Danny’s currently got four full-lengths out: The Hybrid, XXX, Old, and the newly debuted Atrocity Exhibition. His style of music is definitely worth experiencing yourself, but to put it into words, it’s experimental, unique, and progressive. He’s got intense beats layered over with more intense beats, or sometimes it’ll be blaring horns, or maybe even smooth, brassy tones. And on top of the instrumentals, he raps narratives whose subject matter ranges from childhood memories, to drug use, to the underbelly of partying, and more. Danny’s music is multi-faceted and special – definitely a refreshing presentation of rap.

Check out our sampler playlist below to get ready for Danny’s show. For ticketing information, please visit The Regency’s website.

Connect with the artists via Facebook:
Danny Brown
Maxo Kream

Photo courtesy of artist. Gig poster and words by Rianna Chloe Catajan.

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