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So you want to get out more…

So you want to get out moreWe all know that one person who goes to an insurmountable number of shows, or that one Instagram foodie fiend who always seems to know all these hotspots with aesthetically pleasing food. Maybe you wonder, “how the hell do they always have somewhere to be?” And maybe it comes naturally to some folks, but at least for a certain Baeside author, a homebody at heart, it takes some full-blown research/archaeologist-like digging to find something to do. This post is for those who relate, or those who just want to get out more. We hope you find some consolation in our ways of getting by!InternetOK, this either sounds super obvious or super counter-intuitive, but surfing the World Wide Web can actually help you get out of the house. You just have to know where to look. These are my go-tos.Funcheap SF: With its crowd-sourced content, Funcheap SF offers a variety of events (either free or affordable!) that extend beyond San Francisco. It will keep you in-the-know of all the fun going on from the City, to Oakland, to Berkeley, to San Jose, to Milpitas, and even to Gilroy. Some favorite finds are free museum admissions, cultural festivals, and special store openings.Yelp: Maybe I’m just late to the game, but Yelp features more than just shop reviews. They have an Events section full of happenings in your area! Like, I literally just discovered that the Hello Kitty Food Truck will be stopping by my neck of the woods.Facebook: Yeah, you can see what your friends are going to or interested in via your feed, but you can dig way deeper than that. Click into the Events section, and you’ll find listings of stuff popular among your social circle, stuff related to your attendance history, and stuff popular around you. When I was an arts reporter for a newspaper, this seriously helped me find so many events to write about (that no one else seemed to know about?).  appsHere are some handy apps that make you feel like you’ve got the world’s fattest tour guide in your pocket!Bandsintown: This app makes it really easy to know all of the upcoming concerts in your area. You can scroll through the listings either by date or by most popular. You can also sync it to your Facebook, which allows the app to tell you about tour news from artists you’ve “liked.”Like A Local: Get destination recommendations from strangers! Like A Local is another crowd-sourced gem full of tips on places to go in any area you’d like to explore. Good for discovering hole-in-the-wall or overlooked places.Jukely: By paying a monthly 25-dollar subscription, Jukely lets you add your name on a guest list for select shows in your area. The list of shows gets updated every day, and ranges from local to touring artists. The friend who introduced us to Jukely says he’s been able to score access to Toro Y Moi shows and even tix to Treasure Island. Learn more about the concept on the app’s website.Thrillcall: Thrillcall operates similarly to Bandsintown, but offers a lot of ticket and meet-and-greet giveaways! Good for finding gigs near you, as well as testing your luck!PrintBesides the hands-on thrill and enlightening articles, newspapers are awesome because they’ve usually got a master calendar for the latest happs in your town.Metro: Metro is a newspaper distributed throughout the Silicon Valley. Along with cool articles on the latest bay area events, they’ve got a calendar section on upcoming gigs throughout San Jose and even surrounding cities like Santa Cruz.East Bay Express: Also a good print and digital source for upcoming events, except with a concentration in cities like Oakland, Berkeley, Antioch, etc.If you have any extra tips, please feel free to share them with us at baeside.jpg” />

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